Fossix Lunches

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Rice Paper Rolls (Gf)


Fossix house-made Rice Paper Rolls. Delicious bite-sied morsels perfect for afternoon or evening office events. Your...

Gourmet Wraps & Sweet Bites Combination


We have selected our Fossix Gourmet Large size Wraps and Sweet Bites for your Meeting or Event. Our...

Smoked salmon and cream cheese blinis


Fossix house-made Smoked salmon and cream cheese blinis. Delicate and delicious. 

Bite-size sandwich & Savoury pastry Combo


The Bite-size Sandwich & Savoury pastry Combo features a selection of triangle sandwiches and house made Savoury...

Large Gourmet Wraps


Fossix Large Gourmet Wraps
We have selected our larger sized Gourmet Wraps for your Meeting or in-house event. Our fillings...

Healthy Lunch Selection Package


We have selected our Fossix Salad items for your Business event or in-house meeting. Our selection includes your...

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Large Gourmet Sandwiches


Fossix Large Gourmet Sandwiches and Rolls
We have selected our larger sized Sourdough Gourmet Sandwiches and Rolls for your...

Tomato with Mozzarella Bites (Gf)

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Fossix Vegetarian Bites served on skewers: Buffalo mozzarella, basil, sundried tomato & salsa verde 

Mini sliders


Fossix mini sliders combine delicious morsels of protein with flavoursome salad blends. Select your Slider flavour from the...

Lunch Sandwich Selection


This Lunch Sandwich Selection features a selection of triangle sandwiches. Select from the drop-down 'menu' to...

Lunch Wrap Selection


The Lunch Wrap Selection features a total of Six lunch wrap fillings. The minimum order is six wraps.
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Savoury Tart Bites


We bake our favourite Fossix Savoury Tarts with chevre daily. Illustrated here is our Fossix savoury tart, that we...

Mini Gourmet Pies


Fossix house mini Gourmet Pies. Your choice of  Beef, Chicken or Vegetarian (v). 

Lunch Platter, 12 sandwiches and wraps

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The Fossix Mixed Lunch Platter features 12 Triangle Sandwiches and Lunch Wraps. Select from the drop-down...

Cheese Board with 3 cheese selection

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Three cheeses (including premium Australian ripe Brie, Aussie mature Cheddar and a local stinky Blue cheese) presented on a...

Mini Quiche Bites


Freshly backed mini quiche bites. Your choice of i) Bacon and vegetable ii) Seasonal vegetables (v)