Corporate Coffee

Cafe quality coffee for your Company

Business guests, clients and employees are looking for a café-quality experience when they are in your office. For exceptional barista prepared coffee for your organisation, clients are engaging experts, specifically Fossix Corporate Coffee.  


It’s hard to achieve a coffee experience that will impress your management and clients. There are multiple set-up and equipment decisions that need to be carefully considered to prepare great coffee. Making the wrong decisions is frustrating, stressful and expensive. That’s why Fossix provide a turn-key Corporate Coffee solution, to assist your organisation every step of the way.


Fossix Corporate Coffee’s number one priority is to meet your business needs. We know what makes a great cup of coffee, including coffee machine equipment, freshly roasted fair trade coffee beans, exceptional barista staff and everything you require in between.


Fossix Corporate Coffee is now available to meet with your Company to plan your organisation’s solution. Fossix can set-up and maintain a perfectly-equipped Corporate Coffee station. To ensure you have everything from installation to aftercare covered, we even include weekly service management.

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Fossix Corporate Coffee:

  • Café quality coffee served at your Company
  • In-house barista (Optional)
  • Equipment set-up is provided as a turn-key solution
  • Weekly coffee bean delivery
  • Flexible leasing agreements or purchase your coffee equipment outright
  • Risk-Free aftercare management for all equipment


Fossix Corporate Coffee Equipment

  • Brand new and correctly specified equipment
  • High end automatic coffee machine options through to food service commercial coffee machines
  • Gadgets to streamline service including grinders and automatic tampers
  • Fully maintained and serviced


Fossix Corporate Coffee Beans

  • Organic fairtrade coffee beans
  • Coffee bean roast is distinctly warm with caramel tones
  • Weekly reliable coffee bean delivery to your Company
  • Additional non-coffee supplies, as required


Fossix Corporate Barista Staff

  • Exceptional baristas trained in coffee and corporate hospitality
  • Dedicated internal staff, consistent with your daily Company needs
  • Immediate replacement, when staff backup is required
  • Flexible and scalable staffing, when required


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We know what makes a great cup of coffee, and everything you require in between.