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Corporate Coffee Services

Managed corporate cafe service

We understand companies, clients and employees are looking for a café-quality experience when they are in your office. For exceptional in-house corporate coffee services, Companies are engaging Fossix Corporate Coffee. Companies are engaging Fossix because we blend impeccable managed corporate hospitality services with exceptional customer experience.

Fossix is a full service corporate hospitality provider with multiple lobby cafe and in-house operations located in large Australian office buildings and precincts.  We combine coffee services with corporate catering, together with full service event management. 

Cafe quality coffee experiences for your Company 

Fossix understands there are multiple set-up and equipment decisions that need to be carefully considered to prepare great coffee. Making the wrong decisions is frustrating, stressful and expensive. That’s why Fossix provide a Managed Corporate Cafe solution, to assist your Company set-up in-house coffee and cafe facilities, and support you in their operation every step of the way. 

Fossix Corporate Coffee’s number one priority is to assist large organisations bring café quality coffee and catering in-house. Fossix know what it takes to prepare exceptional coffee and catering services, including correctly specified coffee machine equipment, fair trade coffee beans, exceptional barista staff and everything else in between that is required. 

Fossix know what it takes to make a 'great cup of coffee'.

Explore corporate coffee solutions with Fossix

Imagine the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee greeting you every morning in your office. At Fossix, we've mastered the art of blending impeccable service with cafe excellence to offer you the finest corporate catering in the Sydney CBD and complete cafe services. Whether you have a small startup or a large corporation, a barista coffee service can be tailored to match your specific requirements.

The corporate coffee experience with Fossix

Our skilled baristas customise your coffee just the way your employees like it while your clients can enjoy the perfect cup. Want something bold and rich? Our baristas can brew up a delicious espresso. Craving something creamy and comforting? They'll whip up a velvety latte.

Stay focused with Fossix’s complete cafe services

Imagine having the power to keep your office buzzing with energy and focus all day long. When you install our coffee services, you can provide your team with delicious coffee at their convenience. Say goodbye to those midday slumps and hello to productivity!

All-inclusive corporate coffee for your needs

At Fossix, we ensure a comprehensive service package that includes everything from the initial installation to barista service, account management and maintenance of your corporate coffee machine. Our commitment to your convenience doesn’t stop at just providing equipment and barista services; we take care of every aspect to ensure seamless operation.

Weekly corporate coffee delivery for your convenience

Moreover, we provide reliable weekly delivery of coffee beans directly to your company, ensuring you never run out of the premium quality that Fossix is known for. Alongside our coffee offerings, we supply catering and non-coffee items as required, tailoring our services to meet all your corporate needs.

Premium coffee equipment for your business

To complement our top-notch service, Fossix provides only the best in corporate coffee machines. From high-end automatic machines to food-service commercial coffee machines, including prestigious brands like La Marzocco, we equip your office with the best. Our equipment lineup features integrated grinders and automatic tampers, streamlining the coffee service and enhancing efficiency.

Our coffee bean selections are distinct, with a warm roast characterised by rich caramel tones — perfect for coffee in a corporate setting.

Save money with corporate coffee machines

Plus, forget about the daily coffee runs and the expenses that add up over time. With our office coffee machine set-up, your company saves money while indulging in high-quality brews.

Transform your workspace with Fossix’s range of corporate coffee services

Are you looking to hire a coffee machine for your office? Whether you require a commercial coffee machine hire for your office or an office coffee machine hire for day-to-day operations, Fossix has the perfect solution for you.

Elevate your corporate coffee experience with Fossix today and savour the taste of cafe-quality coffee within your office walls. Contact our team and we'll discuss our range of coffee packages available, ensuring you get the perfect fit.


What is Fossix Corporate Coffee?

We specialise in providing cafe-quality coffee experiences within corporate settings. As a full-service corporate hospitality provider, we operate multiple lobby cafes and in-house operations in large Australian office buildings, blending exceptional coffee service with corporate catering and event management.

How do you support companies in setting up in-house coffee and cafe facilities?

We offer a Managed Corporate Cafe solution to assist companies in setting up and operating in-house coffee and cafe facilities. This service includes equipment selection of a corporate office coffee machine, installation and ongoing operational support to ensure a high-quality coffee experience is delivered seamlessly.

What types of corporate coffee machines do you provide?

We provide a range of high-end corporate coffee machines suitable for various office sizes and needs. These include automatic and food-service commercial coffee machines from prestigious brands, equipped with integrated grinders and automatic tampers for efficient operation.

How does having a corporate office coffee machine save money for my company?

Installing a corporate coffee machine in the office eliminates the need for daily coffee runs, which can significantly reduce expenses over time. Our coffee machines also enhance productivity by keeping employees energised and focused throughout the day.

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Rich Shep , 19/03/2021

I dropped by the new Fossix @ Gateway (upstairs on the commercial tower side) for lunch, had a coffee ☕️ and asian chicken Salad

Hermione Le , 16/09/2022

Super nice view, I had chance to have morning coffee here and enjoy beautiful view of this coffee at Gateway Tower. I had Prana Chai Latte and Chia Pudding, which were pretty good. It closes to Circular Quay train station and located inside a breathtaking business building.

paul cristina , 13/07/2023

Great staff, good menu selection and coffee. An oasis in the city.

Phoebe Chow , 22/08/2022

We ordered the rainbow cake with special request for m&m’s inside and it turned out so well! The cake was beautiful and it tasted amazing. I’d also like to thank the fossix team for being incredibly friendly and patient with our requests.

TANG Joan , 14/07/2022

Excellent Service, tasty food

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