Mixed Lunch Platter, 8 - 12 people


The Fossix Mixed Lunch Platter features a total of 'Six' Triangle Sandwiches and 'Six' Lunch Wraps, medium sized & served as two halves.

To order use the drop-down menu to select Presentation style and choose the quantity of Mixed Lunch Platters depending on the number of guests attending your Lunch.

This platter includes a mix of Meat and Vegetarian Filings

Chicken Schnitzel                Chicken schnitzel, w/ avocado, wombok slaw & chipotle aioli

Cajun Chicken                     Cajun spiced chicken w/ iceberg, Roma tomato, red capsicum & lime mint yoghurt

Roast Beef                            Roast Beef w/ pickles, Swiss cheese, Dijon mustard & spinach

Ham, Cheese & Tomato       Ham, cheese, roast roma tomato and rocket

Pulled Pork                           Pulled Pork w/ smashed avo, rocket, pickled cucumber & red onion jam

Vegetarian                            Pumpkin, roast capsicum, feta and spinach


How many people does this Platter suit?

  • We recommend 1.5 units per person e.g. 8 guests x 1.5 = 12 sandwiches & wraps
  • If pairing with a large salad then 1 unit per person eg. 12 guests x 1 = 12 sandwiches & wraps


How would you like this Platter presented?

  • Select Catering Box or Platter from the drop-down menu


Note: Gluten free sandwiches and wraps are available on request. If required, you can either note the number of Gluten Free units when you checkout ('Shopping Cart' >> 'Order Page' >> Add Notes) or add a selection of Gluten Free sandwiches or wraps via the 'Gluten Free Selection' menu item. 




Fossix Mixed Lunch Platter, 12 Sandwiches & Wraps

Six Triangle Sandwiches and Six medium wraps served as two halves