Mixed Triangle Sandwich Platter, 6 Sandwiches


Mixed Triangle Sandwich Platter features a total of Six-triangle cut sandwiches on a mix of breads. Select from the drop-down 'number' to double (2) or tripple (3) the 'number of sandwich platters'. 

Features a selection of:

Chicken Schnitzel (x 2 serves)  Chicken schnitzel, herb mayonnaise, tomato & lettuce

Ham, Cheese & Tomato              Smoked ham, honey mustard mayo, tasty cheese & tomato

Pulled Pork                                  Pulled pork, smokey bbq sauce, tasty cheese, carrot, lettuce, with shredded cabbage

Autumn Vege                               Pumpkin, crisp red capsicum, baba ganoush, rocket, chevre

BBQ Chicken                               BBQ chicken breast, herb mayonnaise, walnuts, celery, dill & rocket


For office catering we offer a range of Fossix Triangle Cut Sandwiches with a twist.


Step 1: How many sandwiches does this platter suit?

  • We recommend 1.5 sandwich per person (if only sandwiches). eg. 4 guests x 1.5 = 6 sandwiches
  • Cater for 1 sandwich per person (if pairing with a large salad). eg. 6 guests x 1 = 6 sandwiches

Step 2: Do you want the sandwiches on a presentation platter or catering box?  Select from the drop-down menu. 

  • Presentation platter
  • Catering box



Mixed Triangle Sandwich Platter

Features a selection of mixed Triangle Sandwiches presented on a platter or within a catering box.