Mixed Triangle Sandwich Platter, 4 Sandwiches


Mixed Triangle Sandwich Platter features a total of FOUR-triangle cut sandwiches on a mix of breads. Select from the drop-down 'number' to double (2) or tripple (3) the 'number of sandwich platters'. 

Features a selection of:

Chicken Schnitzel                        Chicken schnitzel, herb mayonnaise, tomato & lettuce

Ham, Cheese & Tomato              Smoked ham, honey mustard mayo, tasty cheese & tomato

Pulled Pork                                  Pulled pork, smokey bbq sauce, tasty cheese, carrot, lettuce, with shredded cabbage

Autumn Vege                                Pumpkin, crisp red capsicum, baba ganoush, rocket, chevre


For office catering we offer a range of Fossix Triangle Cut Sandwiches with a twist.


Step 1: How many sandwiches does this platter suit?

  • We recommend 1.5 sandwich per person (if only sandwiches). eg. 2-3 guests x 1.5 = 4 sandwiches (approx)
  • Cater for 1 sandwich per person (if pairing with a large salad). eg. 4 guests x 1 = 4 sandwiches

Step 2: Do you want the sandwiches on a presentation platter or catering box?  Select from the drop-down menu. 

  • Presentation platter
  • Catering box



Mixed Triangle Sandwich Platter

Features a selection of mixed Triangle Sandwiches presented on a platter or within a catering box.