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Lunch Wrap Platter, 6 Wraps

$60.00 ex GST

The Fossix Mixed Lunch Wrap Platter features a total of Six Lunch Wraps. Select from the drop-down 'number' to double (2) or triple (3) the 'number of 'Lunch Wrap Platters' to cater for larger groups. 


Step 1: How many wraps does this platter suit?

  • Cater for 1 serve per person (if pairing with a large salad). eg. 6 guests x 1 = 6 wraps
  • We recommend 1.5 x serves per person (if only wraps). eg. 4 guests x 1.5 = 6 wraps (approx)


Step 2: Do you want the wraps on a presentation platter or catering box?  Select from the drop-down menu. 

  • Presentation platter
  • Catering box


Note: Gluten free wraps are available on request. (If required, please advise the number of Gluten Free wraps required when processing the 'Shopping Cart' >> 'Order Page' >> Add Notes). Or make a specific selection via our tab 'Gluten Free Selection'

Mixed Lunch Wrap Platter, 6 Wraps

Mixed Lunch Wrap Platter features a total of SIX wraps, medium size, served as two halves.