Large Gourmet Sandwiches


Fossix Large Gourmet Sandwiches and Rolls

We have selected our larger sized Sourdough Gourmet Sandwiches and Rolls for your Meeting or in-house event. Our fillings includes a selection of Gourmet combinations presented on a selection of sourdough breads and rolls, as you purchase from our cafe. 


To order use the drop down menu's to select Presentation style, Sandwich Fillings and the Number of sandwiches required for your event.  


Step 1: Select presentation platter or catering box   

  • Presentation platter
  • Catering box


Step 2: Select the sandwich filings  


Mix of fillings                          Selection of the following fillings. 

Chicken Schnitzel                  & avocado, fresh slaw & chipotle mayo

Cajun Chicken                        & rocket, tomato, red capsicum & lime mint yoghurt

Roast Beef                               & pickles, Swiss cheese, Dijon mustard & spinach

Leg Ham                                   & tasty cheese, rocket & red onion jam

Veggie Club                             & roast pumpkin, avocado, rocket & feta (V)


Step 3: Select the number of sandwiches and rolls?

  • We recommend 1 x serve per person (if only sandwiches and rolls). eg.6 guests x 1 = 6 sandwiches & rolls 
  • If you are catering for 12 guests = 12 sandwiches and rolls


>> Click “Add to Cart”


Note: Gluten free sandwiches are available on request. (To specify the number of Gluten Free sandwiches add this information when processing the 'Shopping Cart' >> 'Order Page' >> Add Notes). Or make a specific selection via our tab 'Gluten Free Selection'.