Mixed Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Box


The Fossix Mixed Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Box contains a broad selection of Fruit and Veg that will give you what you need to last up to a week. Whether it's for a salad, stir-fry, soup or just a snack this big box of goodness will load you up with a natural vitamin mix and boost your health and immunity.


  • Cucumbers x 3 (500g)
  • Cherry tomato punnet
  • Red Capsicums x 2 (400g)
  • Mixed salad leaves 250g 
  • Avocado x 2
  • Zuchini x 2 (150g)
  • Broccolini x 1
  • Potatoes x 500g
  • Onions x 4 (500g)
  • Garlic x 1 head
  • Pumpkin x 500g
  • Carrots x 1kg
  • Oranges x 4 (1kg)
  • Red Apples x 4 (700g)
  • Lemons x 3 (300g)


Note: Price excludes delivery