Executive Breakfast Selection (per person)

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We have selected our favourite Fossix Breakfast options for your Executive meeting or event, 3 pieces per person. Our selection includes Fossix Scrambled Egg Wraps or Sliders, Mini Rolls or Croisants, Granola or Bircher Cups and Sweet Pastry Bites. Minimum order is 6 people.

To order first select the number of people you are catering for then scroll down and select 1 items from each of the groups. 

Once you are done click on Add to Cart.

Egg based options

Your choice of Fossix Egg Sliders, Wraps or Frittata (highlight to red):

Select 1 item(s):

Mini Breakfast Rolls

Your choice of Mini Smoked Salmon Bagels, Smashed Avacardo Rolls or Croissants (highlight to red):

Select 1 item(s):

Breakfast Cup

Your choice of Bircher or Granola Breakfast Cups (highlight to red):

Select 1 item(s):

Sweet Bite

Your choice of Banana, Raspberry Slice or Cookie (highlight to red):

Select 1 item(s):

Fruit Skewer

Option to add Fruit (highlight to red):