Creating café-quality coffee experiences for your Company

Large businesses and corporations are choosing to step up their hospitality post-COVID, in a bid to ingratiate the business to both clients and employees. With the offer of in-house coffee and catering, the office environment becomes a company draw card to management and employee’s, to power up corporate culture and internal dynamics to drive inspiration.

Technology companies have consistently been ahead of the curve with in-house hospitality. I recall meeting with Facebook a couple of years back in their new Sydney HQ. They offered clients and employees a delicious selection of wholesome food and coffee in a purpose designed catering space, to ensure you have literally everything they could possibly desire for sustenance through the workday.

If you are tasked with amping up your corporate hospitality, maybe consider setting up a café-quality coffee experience in-house for clients and staff. By a long shot, coffee remains the tonic of choice to get the office buzzing.

We know what makes a great cup of coffee.

it’s tricky to achieve a coffee experience that will impress your management, colleagues and clients. There are multiple set-up and equipment decisions that need to be carefully considered to prepare really great coffee. Making the wrong decision can be frustrating, stressful and very expensive. A turn-key corporate coffee solution is now available through Fossix in Sydney.

Fossix Corporate Coffee’s number one priority is to assist large organisations bring café quality coffee and catering in-house. They know what makes great coffee and catering, including correctly specified coffee machine equipment, fair trade coffee beans, exceptional barista staff and everything required in between.

Fossix Corporate Coffee can meet with your Company to understand your needs, then plan an organisation’s solution. On approval, Fossix can follow through with managing the internal set-up and on-going maintenance of a perfectly-equipped Corporate Coffee station.

Coffee remains the tonic of choice to get the office buzzing.

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