Business Events & Speakeasy Gatherings

Fossix transforms The Gateway Business Lounge in the afternoon & evening into a bespoke event space. With a curated artisan cheese and wine menu, the award-winning interior design is well suited to business functions and social gatherings.  

Fossix have reimagined the venue allowing for various social events, business functions and speakeasy gatherings. With multiple furniture configurations, Fossix can cater for small group gatherings from 20 people through to private functions for 100 guests. 

Guests can experience a selection of exclusive wine’s, beers and spirits. Fossix are proud to have curated an Australian artisan wine menu. A premium artisan cheese selection from Australia and Europe is available.

The Fossix Gateway Lounge & Events venue is located in the heart of Sydney.

Bookings are required for events and functions.   

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