12 Mini Sliders Platter
12 Mini Sliders Platter

Mini sliders

$69.00 ex GST

Fossix mini sliders combine delicious morsels of protein with flavoursome salad blends. Each platter includes 12 units. 


The Fossix Slider platter includes our Mix of fillings.

Rare Roast Beef         Rare beef w/ red capcicum, relish  & rocket

Buffalo Chicken         Spicy cajun chicken, fresh slaw & mayo      
Leggy Ham                Leggy ham, tasty cheese, red onion & spinach

Pumpkin                    Roast pumpkin, hummus, capsicum & rocket 


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Note: Specific flavour preferences can be requested. If required, you can note the preferred number of Slider flavours when you checkout ('Shopping Cart' >> 'Order Page' >> Add Notes.